Re-watch a classic part from a true innovator in snowboarding: David Benedek in the ground-breaking Robot Food Trilogy movie 'Lame'.

Today, June 3rd, is David Benedek's birthday - Happy birthday boss! To help celebrate we thought it'd be the perfect time for a new Flashback part from the ever-incredible Robot Food movie 'Lame'. Lame is the second movie in the trilogy and David's opener part, complete with that upbeat Billy Idol tune, set the tone for what was another ground-breaking Robot Food flick.

This part had everything: massive kicker hits in the backcountry, progressive rail riding (for the time), a cheeky dig at the extra-wide gangsta stance that was popular at the time, and above all, the sense that snowboarding is a super fun thing to do - arguably the hallmark of the Robot Food era movies.

Give it another watch and see if it doesn't remind you of the reason why you go snowboarding every year.