If you ever needed more proof that you don't need legit mountains and snow to get bloody good at snowboarding, Scottish rider Fin Bremner's new dryslope edit from Aberdeen Snowsports Centre is as concrete as you'll get.

There has been a lot of talent coming out of Scotland recently, and Fin's new edit from his local carpeted shred-hill (aka dryslope), continues that very trend.


It may only clock in at 1 minute 46, seconds, but what this edit lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for in unabashed, poked-out quality. From his textbook backside 180s, to the back 7 shifty-shifty, right through to that massive switch backside 900, Fin's clearly very comfortable spinning in all four directions and is not afraid to mix up his grabs and add some extra flavour into his riding either.

This is impressive stuff, considering we can barely make it down one of these slopes without eating shit, and we look forward to seeing more from this young Scottish rider over the next few seasons.