How low can you go? You think your Eurocarve is a force to be reckoned with? Think again. Welcome to the limbo party, these guys know how to get down.

These guys might look older than your average snowboarder but they're channeling their youthful energy and early days of spirograph exploration to draw lines on the hill like we've never seen before. You have to admire the pattern work here.

Now with added 360 head cam action, this one makes us feel pretty dizzy but we are still yearning for turns like these. In terms of technical difficulty, the humble carve is probably considered one of snowboarding's most basic manoeuvres but if measured in terms of the sheer joy it can bring, it's probably right at the top. 'Carving is dead', they said, 'long live carving'.

(You might want to mute the audio if you value the sanctity of your ear drums...)