Joon comes out from the north West of Siberia with a massive full part, remixed from the movie 'Turn'. This dude handles polar nights, 3km hikes to his local hill, -30 degree temperatures and proper backcountry expeditions like Jeremy Jones and bags some serious shots in the process.

Quiksilver presents: Evgeniy Joon Ivanov and his remixed part from "Turn" movie.

Filmers: Alexandr Dorinov (Unity Films), Maxim Lyamenkov (Monsterhouse production)

Additional Footage: Sergey Firsov, Mikhail Moroz, Andrey Isakin, Batyr Morgachev, Dima Sidorov

Edited by Maxim Lyamenkov (Monsterhouse production)

Check out these photos shot by Andrey Pirumov.