ESPN have produced a really interesting look at the life and career of French canadian all-terrain crusher Marie France-Roy. This one is well worth checking out.

Marie France-Roy is one of the most inspiring snowboarders on the planet. As a rider who has never been afraid to do things on her own terms, Marie has continually pushed the boundaries of women's snowboarding, is environmentally active, and is both humble and driven when it comes to her riding.

ESPN have produced a 10 minute documentary charting her early life and meteoric rise into snowboarding, as well as her transition from contest riding to filming.

All told, this is an interesting in-depth look at a snowboarder who has inspired many women to get involved in snowboarding over the course of her lengthy career, and has continually strived to "show that women could do more than 360s."

Marie France-Roy, you are a boss.