Jupiter People went to Tahoe in the spring and followed Erik Leon around for some laps. This is one of the funnest snowboard edits you'll watch today!

The diversity of styles in snowboarding are what make it such an interesting sport/activity/lifestyle to be involved in. From the stock, squared-off composure of contest kids, to the thugged out steez of certain rail riders, everybody is capable of bringing something new to snowboarding.

Erik Leon has got a super surfy, fun approach to riding his board and through the multiple carves, tweaked-out grabs, reverts and slashes, manages to make snowboarding look like the best time ever.

It's solid proof that you don't have to the hardest tricks or be the coolest kid to have a good time snowboarding, and just carving around and keeping it loose easily cuts the mustard. This one also features some snowboarding from Erik's buddies Brandon Griffin and Dominic Edwards.

For more extra surfy, creative snowboarding, be sure to check out Jay Hergert's part from Jupiter People's 'Just Plain Cruising'. It's so sick.