Watch the first instalment of some of Eero Ettala's key career film moments, as we build up to the release of his new movie, Ender.

Eero Ettala has had what you could comfortably call a killer career in snowboarding. And while his career as a Pro is by no means done, last winter he went all-in to film his last ever movie part that would be the culmination of a documentary movie, Ender.

Ender will be streaming for free for 24-hours right here on on Sunday 1 November 2015, so to get you frothing we decided to hit up the man himself for some words on his key video highlights that we'll drop leading up to the release of Ender. Today, we start with his infamous Sponsor-Me tape...

Sponsor-Me Tape - 2001

"All of this footage was filmed in the season 00/01 when I was 16 years old. The footage was originally filmed for the infamous Storbis #1 but in the end I also used it as my sponsor-me tape.

"I was getting free boards from Allian at the time, but in the summer of 2001 I got on Nitro and have stuck with them ever since. Me and my buddy Visa Vertanen would just go on missions together and film each other, that's how most of the footage was gathered.

"This was my first season of actually trying to do something in the streets, so I was pretty hyped on that. Getting out of the Talma park into the streets of Helsinki!" - Eero