Watch our fourth installment of some of Eero Ettala’s key career moments, as we build up to the release of his new movie, Ender. If you missed it check out yesterday’s post – it’s his seminal part from MDP's Follow Me Around.

Ender will be streaming for free for 24-hours on, Sunday 1 November 2015, so to get you frothing we hit up the man himself for some words on his memorable moments that we’ll drop leading up to the release of Ender. Today, we continue with that time he rocked up to the X Games and won the whole damned thing with his first run, despite dropping first. As you'll read below, it meant a lot to him…

X-Games Gold - 2010

"This totally came out of blue to me. 2009 wasn't really a great year for me… I didn't really learn anything new on my snowboard and wasn't completely satisfied with my footage in Tracking Eero.

"Going into the 2010 season I learned backside double corks while competing at Freestyle.CH and ended up winning the comp with that trick. Just before X-Games I learned double backside rodeo 9s at a contest in Korea and ended up winning that comp with the trick, so going into X-Games I had two new tricks. And I of course I knew how to do switch double backs.

"I was already thinking on the plane flying to Aspen that my dream run in the comp would be backside double 10, double backside rodeo 9 and switch double back, but I had never combined those three tricks in a row. I barely squeezed myself into the finals with a run switch double back, switch back 5 and back 10, so being last to advance I was first to go in the finals, which is usually a huge disadvantage. But on my first run I ended up landing my dream run at the time and could just sit back and watch everyone else try beat my score in their three runs. They didn’t.

"This sort of happened when I wasn't sure if my career was going uphill anymore, so winning X-Games made a huge difference."