Check our third drop of some of Eero Ettala’s key career film moments, as we build up to the release of his new movie, Ender. If you missed it check out yesterday's post - it's his breakout part with Standard Films in White Balance.

Ender will be streaming for free for 24-hours on, Sunday 1 November 2015, so to get you frothing we hit up the man himself for some words on his key video highlights that we’ll drop leading up to the release of Ender. Today, we continue with his seminal part in the 2006 Mack Dawg Productions movie Follow Me Around

Follow Me Around - 2006

"This movie came out in 2006, so I was 21 years old at the time. This is the part on my career, that I’m the most proud of. I ended up winning the Video Part of the Year from Snowboarder Magazine and also the Rail Rider of the Year award.

"Jaakko Itäaho from MDP was pretty much working as my personal filmer for the season. I would do solo missions with him and photographer Pasi Salminen in Finland and he would be in the same crew with me the whole time in the USA shoots, so I feel like he put a lot of effort on making my part came out the way it did.

"It was the ending part of the movie and my ending trick was the double backside rodeo 1080, which had never been done before that. I feel like this was the part that actually made a big turning point for my career and people started taking me more serious, hah!" - Eero