Watch our second instalment of some of Eero Ettala’s key career film moments, as we build up to the release of his new movie, Ender. If you missed it check out yesterday's post - it's his infamous Sponsor-Me tape.

Ender will be streaming for free for 24-hours on, Sunday 1 November 2015, so to get you frothing we hit up the man himself for some words on his key video highlights that we’ll drop leading up to the release of Ender. Today, we continue with his part in Standard Films' White Balance

White Balance - 2003

"This part sort of put me on the map. White Balance came out in 2003 and I was 18 years old when filming for it. I had been filming for Marco Lutz’s movie, Primevil, the year before this and it was a huge opportunity and step for me to be able to film in the USA for a production company like Standard Films.

"This was the first year I was taken out to the backcountry and I struggled pretty hard, but managed to land some stuff, so when that was put together with my street footage and late-season park footage from Trysil and Hemsedal I ended up having a full part mixed in with a rap tune.

"When filming for this I still didn't quite understand how much work goes into filming a full part. I mean, if Lasse Andersen from Oakley wouldn't have talked me into getting to ride at the Burton shoots in Trysil and Hemsedal, I for sure wouldn't have had a part in the movie. Almost half of my footage is filmed from those sessions.

When this part came out I realized how seriously I had to take it if I wanted to get a full part in the next movie also. I really liked the backside rodeo 7 up the step-up in this part and also the slow-mo ‘guy in the sky’ footage from the park shoots. I would still consider this as one of my favorite parts of my career to this date." - Eero