Elio Fumagalli's popped up on ye' olde Onboardmag.com radar a few times this season. A couple of shots in the Crap Show from Snowpark Laax, had our curiosity, but now he has our attention with his 2014/15 season recap.

Whilst there's no prizes guessing which brand he rides for, his snowboarding is a bit more subtle. We're liking Elio's little touches that just add to the aesthetic of the edit. Elio keeps his shoulders and arms pretty much locked. There's a little bit of flappy business here and there, but on the whole, he looks super comfortable in his abilities. Front lip 270 out on the redirect is pretty damn tasty.

We especially enjoyed the hands on hips landing at 0:50, or as we're going to start calling it; 'The Annoyed Policeman'. Good stuff Elio.