Check out Elias Veijola's hammer full part from KBR's excellent release 'King Cobra'. This is nothing but solid street and park snowboarding!

What is it about Finnish kids that makes (pretty much) all of them so damn good at snowboarding? Elias Veijola is one of the riders in the Finnish KBR crew, and predictably, he slays on a snowboard.

Elias has got that solid, stocky kind of snowboard style, and be it gapping a lipslide out to a burly down flat down rail, or miller flipping a more unconventional street feature, Elias makes it look authoritative and stylish.

His full part in King Cobra is polished and well thought out, combining a solid range of tricks one some super interesting features, with that up-ramp to wallride feature towards the end being a prime example.

Don't forget that you can watch King Cobra in full here, or go with the part by part approach below:

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