You might remember sous chef Heikki Sorsa's full part from a few weeks back, but this time it's the turn of the head chef himself, Mr Eero Ettala.

Eero Ettala is hands down one of this author's favourite riders of all time. An all-terrain glutton with a trick arsenal that makes North Korea look like weekend weapon enthusiasts. It's snowboarding that's clinical in its execution - always controlled and composed.

Eero's a hell of a backcountry rider, but there is a lack of his steep and deep prowess in the edit. Probably had something to do with the scarcity of snow last season, but you can check out his EuroGap 3, part from a few seasons back if you don't believe us.

When a rider kicks off their part with a switch frontblunt 450 out, ya' know it's gonna be something special... and from there on in Eero Ettala simply cuts loose, goes nuts and lets his riding do the talking. There's a good reason that the Cooking with Gas webisodes have become so popular, and at least 33.33 recurring percent of the reason why is because of the oiled up smoothness of Mr Eero Ettala