Dylan Thompson has been pushing the boundaries of urban snowboarding for the best part of half a decade and his latest full part is no different. Super-human sized, technical street-stunting from one of the best in the biz!

Dylan Thompson's rise through the FODT/Technine ranks over the last few year's has been pretty meteoric to say the least, being catapulted from bright-eyed rookie to one of the most respected urban riders on the planet. The spots he hits seem to get larger every year and the tricks get more and more tech.

His brand new full part is nothing short of groundbreaking, with 4 and half minutes of house-sized hammers and tricks that'll have you jaw dropping all over your keyboard.

Highlights for us include the huge boardslide gap over at 00.30, the wallride backside 360 at 1.04, the tree re-direct at 2.40, the list just goes on and on.

In all honesty, every single trick here deserves its place in the part and this is one that we'll be re-playing over and over again for years to come.