This is pretty badass. In a follow up to last year's efforts Dylan Thomas is back in the Keystone park on a super stiff 163cm Xavier de le Rue powder board.

Riding weird snowboards has truly become all the rage this season. From Dylan Gamache's attacks on the Spring Break snowboards, to Markus Keller ripping the Burton European Open halfpipe on a 183 swallowtail, this is another example of a dude sending it on an unconventional deck.

Last year, Dylan Thomas put out an edit of him ripping the park on a 163 powder board, and this year, armed with more time and a bunch more cameras, he got back on it.

Watch as Dylan puts down some heavy rail tricks (50-50 front 7 off?), double corks and much more on one of the stiffest boards out there. Pretty impressive stuff!

From Dylan: "As you may remember last year I had the opportunity to ride Rossignol's Xavier De La Rue's 163 powder board in the park. Last year we filmed the edit in five park laps and about 45 minutes, this year we had three filmers, spent our time with it, and put a bit more time into it."