Check out Denis Leontyev's insane street part from We Are 2012's 'Capitals'.

We could have sworn that we posted this when it dropped back in December, but a search of our website proved otherwise. Shame on us. Still, better late than never, and if you haven't seen Denis Leontyev's full street part from We Are 2012's movie 'Capitals' yet you need to check it out.

Denis is well known for his super tech ability on rails, with big spin-on spin-off tricks that can make your head hurt sometimes. But if you thought Denis only rode park features, this part definitively proves otherwise. It's a whole different ball-game taking your park-perfected tricks to street rails, but Denis has got it on lock.

There's some straight-up crazy shit in this part. Check the front 360 on front 360 off at 3.04, or the backside 270 to fakie at 3.47, or the switch backside 360 on at 3.50 - there are very few guys in the world doing that particular trick in the streets right now.

When you write all the tricks down in this on paper you realise that the whole part has a super high level of difficulty and really is up there with the best of them.