Denis 'Bonus' Leontyev has carved out his own niche for himself in snowboarding's cluttered landscape. Hit play to watch his unique brand of incredibly technical gangsta rail riding at Windells.

Denis Leontyev has been blowing minds with his super tech, crazy spinny snowboarding for a while now. The kid from Russia honed his skills at an indoor slope before breaking out into the scene after destroying a few rail contests.

These days, Denis can do pretty much every stock rail trick under the sun, and spends his days coming up with new combos on his snowboard. The ender trick in this edit from Windells is the perfect example: front blunt, 270 switch up, misty 5 off? (don't quote us on that one!)

While some style purists may not approve of his wild, rotation heavy jibbing, there's no denying the guy is easily the best at what he does. Definitely an opponent to avoid playing a game of s.k.a.t.e. with...

Anyway, stop reading this rabble and watch this thing: we challenge you to add up the total amount of rotations in it.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Denis 'Bonus' Leontyev's full street part from the 'Capitals' movie here.