How rad is this? In this part from super slick action sports crossover movie Into the Mind, DCP surfs and shreds his way through BC and Costa Rica in a visual look at water's behaviour in various states.

Comparisons between powder riding and surfing have been made since the birth of snowboarding and anyone that has tried both will be able to vouch for how similar they feel. After all, they are both done on the same medium, just in a different state.

This part gives us a visual look at that comparison, showing the similarities in slashing snow/surf, getting faceshots and generally floating atop both. One thing that struck us as a little odd/amusing: are they really comparing ski runs to herds of bison?

This is well worth a watch for some creative brain food alone. It's arty, well produced, features bossman DCP and some pretty breathtaking shots. It does contain some skiing but we're willing to let that slide as this is definitely something a little different.