In the latest of DC's Underline Series, we get to take a look at the best of Torstein Horgmo from the 2013/2014 season. Torstein slays it all and his snowboarding never gets old to watch!

We're always down to watch Torstein Horgmo snowboard. Whether it be sending it off massive kickers in the park or chucking triples in the backcountry, Torstein bosses every type of terrain he rides, and does it all with the sickest style.

DC have re-edited all of his best shots from the past season as part of their 'Underline' series, and this 2 minute clip features some a-grade hams from Mr. Horgasm. Kickers with hula-hoops, stylish tricks in the backcountry and straight annihilation of park rails are just some of the goodies you'll find loaded in this one. Enjoy!