Crafted, curated, and cut from Voralberg crew The Army Snowboarding's, film Voramarlberg, is Daniel Vonach's 2014/15 season edit. Filmed entirely in the Voralberg (surprise, surprise), it's a fantastically shot glimpse at the terrain that the region has to offer - terrain that's oft overlooked on the European spectrum.

One of the aspects that we liked about the full film, and Daniel's part, was that it was a kind of achievable type of snowboarding. There's a simplicity to the riding that speaks to a lot of riders that don't have either the budget, or the board control to top Alaskan peaks.

Although, to be fair, that drop at 02:20 is something to be proud of. We can definitely say there's a helluva' lot of compression on that landing.

Having just finished his national service with the Austrian Army, we're sure we'll be seeing some more killer footage from Daniel, and Army Snowboarding this season.