Austrian rider Clemens Millauer gets creative with his season wrap-up edit, thanks to his undeniable skills on a shred stick combined with a bit of help from his grandparents...

Season edits. We remember when they became a 'thing' and for a while they were a great 'thing'. At long last we were all able to enjoy the snowboarding of riders who we knew were excellent, but who hadn't been able to get a much-cherished spot on the roster of any of the movie companies out there at that point in time.

But, as we explored at length in our article The Wank, it wasn't long until 'season edit' often was a byword for 'average collection of GoPro park shots set to music'. Naturally, that's not to say all are like this (the positive examples we highlighted in that article are still legit - in fact we're off to rewatch the Ethan Morgan Sponsor Me Tape again right now), and the latest in the line of riders who've produced something epic for their highlights reel is Austrian powerhaus Clemens Millauer.

On his board, Clemens has some heavy, heavy skills, but for his 2018 season edit he also thought outside the box and wrapped the footy up in a tidy, creative package.

So, without further ado, hit play and watch Clemens Millauer and his grandparents make season edits great again.

Music - Ayroh Whisper

Filmers: Adrian Krainer, PrimePark Sessions, Dennis Janezic, Phillip Kundratitz, Patrick Cinca and other Friends

Colour: Jonas Schnuerch