Christian Haller snuck himself a solo pipe session last season, and proceeded to film arguably the sickest pipe edit since Shaun White and Kevin Pearce got nocturnal. Yeah for making pipe riding look fun, Hitsch!

Be prepared for carves, slashes, straight airs, alley-oops, air to fakies, spins, and double corks. But, for us, this is all about the slashing and carving. See you in the stunt ditch this winter.

"After competing and riding mostly halfpipe for the last couple of years I wanted to film some of the moves for an edit. Last spring a resort near my hometown called Corvatsch built a nice halfpipe and I thought this was the right moment for it. As halfpipe riding is nowadays mostly presented through competitions my main reason was to capture it as pure as possible. To me halfpipe riding is based mainly on flow and riding from wall to wall which I tried to showcase in an extended way. To say the least I had a lot of fun filming for this piece and breaking free from the programmed contest runs."