The elder of the Gerard clan, and the one more likely to have been down under, has dropped a short, but incredibly sweet little clip from a Keystone session.

It's been a bit quiet on the Brendan Gerard front, but after a 2013/14 season with more segments than a Terry's Chocolate Orange, he's probably still riding the wave/letting his knees regenerate after turning them to dust from his signature gaps.

If you missed Brendan last season, you can check him out in Capita's 'Defenders of Awesome 2', WeAre2012's '★CAPITALS★', and a whole roster of edits hailing from the States.

He's an Onboard HQ favourite as we reckon he's a super exciting rider to watch with a trick bag the size of Santa's sack. From burly urban gaps to a ridiculous front 3 seatbelt off the toes - it's pretty hard to argue otherwise.