Last winter, Belgian rider Bjorn Simons scored his first turns on snow after injuring his back. Check out what he put down over a few days in Austria.

It's always rad to hear stories of riders who have had serious injuries bouncing back and getting back on snow. Injuries are an inevitable part of snowboarding and riders like Kevin Pearce and Lucas Magoon are good examples of guys who had it pretty rough, but came out the other end of the tunnel regardless.

Bjorn Simons is a Belgian rider who banged up his back pretty bad a couple seasons ago. If his latest edit is anything to go by, is back in good shape and ready to send it out there on street rails, park jumps and in powder again this season.

Good to have you back brother!

Last season Bjorn Simons enjoyed his first full winter after his back injury. He had a blast! Bjorn was more motivated than ever to strap in his bindings again. With a small crew he went to Austria for a few days. They had great pow, great sessions and tons of fun! Hope you are stoked too with -the Austria Days-.