Benni Fridbjornsson is a 9 year old ripper from Iceland who first appeared on our site last year as a bright-eyed micro-grom.

One year on, Benni is still a bright-eyed micro-grom, but has added front and cab 5s, front 7s and some sick rail tricks to his repertoire...

Benni hails from Akureyri, the home of Halldor and Eiki Helgason and his favourite snowboarders are Halldor, Eiki, Gulli Gudmundsson, Shaun White and Torstein Horgmo. If you're lucky, you might spot him cruising the jumps and jibs of Laax, Meribel, Gestaad or Hlíðarfjall Akureyri Iceland but for now, sit back and watch him send his tiny frame over jumps that would pretty much scare the living hell out of you and I.

Kid's these days!