The Red Bull Double Pipe event is officially over for another year, although there are still a few nuggets of progressive gold emerging from the sessions. Watch Benji Farrow put down the first backside to frontside wall transfer over the 25 foot Red Bull Double Pipe channel gap.

After the finals had wrapped up, Benji Farrow was still hitting the double pipe hard, and after slowly building up to it, blasted a transfer from the backside wall to the frontside wall - over the channel gap.

Although technically it's no different to transferring at any point further down the pipe, the 25-foot cut-out adds a whole new element of visual and mental risk, and it's a high consequence trick for sure.

“It was a crazy process, I was obviously a little terrified," explained Farrow. “I went and measured out a distance on the regular spine that was equivalent to the channel gap, then I made sure I was going point to point on that distance consistently over the normal spine. It worked out that the distance stayed the same, so I went for it."

Benji's trick marks the first time that a rider has transferred over the spine across the channel gap, and it's no doubt a trick that will lay the foundations for even more progression next year.