Find out what it took Chris Grenier to conceive and film his first ever Real Snow part in this interesting new edit from New Era.

Chris Grenier put out his debut X Games Real Snow part this year. It's no easy feat setting out to film a part of the insane calibre that Real Snow has set for itself over the past few years, but Chris managed to shoot one of the most legit parts of the entire contest (you can watch it, along with the other Real Snow 2015 videos HERE).

Find out about Chris' Massachusetts-based, sport-heavy backstory, his motivation for taking on the Real Snow gauntlet this year, and some of the challenges he encountered along the way to finishing up his incredibly progressive part.

From New Era: Anxiety, frustration, pain, adrenalin, fear, pride, euphoria, glory; come behind the scenes as pro snowboarder Chris Grenier balances the emotions that accompany filming his X Games Real Snow video part. Vote for Chris' X-Games video part: