Aiden-Ty Vallati (aka ATV) just dropped his season edit and it's a banger! Solid style and a mean cab 7 from the 10 year old.

ATV is another kid on the come-up over in Canada and his season edit looks very promising indeed. At just 10 years old, ATV has got some difficult tricks on lock including back lips, cab underflips and frontside and cab 720s.

Watching edits like this makes us think back to what we were doing aged 10. It certainly wasn't stomping backflips, that's for sure.

We've seen a flurry of talented kids this winter, with everything from Icelandic kids hucking 7s on the pro-line to 5 year old girls doing switch 50-50s. It's always rad to see kids getting involved in outdoor sports, and if what we've seen recently is any indication, the future of snowboarding is looking as talented and enthusiastic as ever.