Following on from four episodes of 'Statements' Antti Autti has released his full part to the steep and deep depths of the internet.

Full of steep as fuck lines that get torn a new one by the man himself, it's clear that Antti has adapted to his new backcountry environment with relative ease. Here's what he had to say:

¨We are all products of our environment. In Finland it means that snowboarding in the mountains is almost as rare as catching waves in baltic sea. Not too many people do it. When I was growing up all I wanted to do was to learn new tricks but when I began to ride backcountry, I needed to start thinking differently about my snowboarding. Suddenly it was not only about take off, airtime & landing. Riding in the mountains opened my eyes to what having flow in your riding really means. You can challenge yourself in so many ways while riding steeps mixed with airtime. But what really makes natural terrain riding the best is the fact that you have to live in the moment & be aware of everything that surrounds you.¨ - Antti

Snowboarding by: Antti Autti

Filming: Teemu Lahtinen | Matti Ollila

Editing: Teemu Lahtinen

Sponsors: Northwave Drake | Shred Optics | Slytech Protection | Transform Gloves | Neste | EpicTv Shop

Featured photograph: Matti Ollila @mattiollila

Song: Alternative to Freedom

Performed by: Witchcraft

Courtesy of Nucleard Blast GmbH