Following on from his excellent Approach & Attack full movie, Antti Autti has chopped together all of his best bits of footage into one explosive full part. Check it!

Antti Autti's full 'Approach & Attack' movie was one of the most watched snowboard flicks on our website this year, and for good reason.

It's exploratory approach is something that everybody can relate to, and it featured some unusual locales, as well as some inspirational backcountry freestyle snowboarding from Antti and friends.

His new full part effectively condenses and distills all of his choice shots from the movie, and presents them in one dynamite-laced 4 minute part. From big backcountry booters to mellow powder hacks and mind-blowing big mountain lines, this is one full part that will keep you gripped for its entire duration.

Don't sleep on it!