The world has officially gone mad. How long will it be before we see fetuses frontflipping inside their mothers wombs? Neko Reimer here is 7 years old and rips.

Another day, another freakishly talented snowboard baby. This time it's 7 year old Neko Reimer who has a proper legit method under his belt and a bunch of rail tricks too. He does need to iron out some of those zeaches though... ;p

In all seriousness though, while we've seen everything from 17 month year old snowboarding babies, to 5 year old chicks doing switch 5050s and a 9 year old doing front 7s off the big kicker line recently and may be growing tired of seeing these miniature people outshine us daily, it's pretty damn rad that kids are getting into snowboarding so young and visibly enjoying it.

What we're trying to say is that if these kids are anything to go by, the future for snowboarding as a whole is looking very bright indeed.