Austrian ripper Anna Gasser has joined a highly exclusive club of female riders by stomping a BOLTS cab double at the Prime park in Stubai. This girl could very well become a force to be reckoned with in women's slopestyle riding.

Anna has been killing it on the competition circuit for a while now but hasn't really blown up on an international level. Yet. But if this new double, which she appears to have stomped multiple times is anything to go by, that could all be about to change. Of course, several female riders like the UK's Aimee Fuller have landed straight double backflips on kickers but as far as we can tell, Anna is the first to have added some rotation to the mix.

While her cab dub is undeniably sick, her opening backside 540 is also more than worthy of a mention. It's floaty, massive and ridiculously stylish. Yep, Anna Gasser sure knows how to snowboard and we're super pumped for her. Europe represent!