Andreas Wiig is one of those players in the game that's outlived, outridden and outgunned a lot of the riders that he grew up competing with. Still a heavyweight in both riding ability and sheer stature, he's just dropped his full part from...last season?

Confusing schedules aside, Mandreas rips with the power of a thousand Norse Gods. Andreas' ability to warp axis with his rodeo variations is one of the things he stands out for in our memory; think MDP's 'Follow Me Around' infamous cliff-drop segments, complete with DCP running to see if he stomped the landing.

Now filming with fellow 'wegian Torstein Horgmo, and the rest of the Shredbots posse, he seems to have been filming in his homeland this season if the grapevine (Instagram) is to be believed with our favourite part-time firefighter come snowboarder Anto Chamberland.

Andreas had a busy season by the looks of it, and he's showing no signs of hanging up the boots. Now riding on an AWSM branded stick alongside his Norwegian outwear sponsor Norrøna, he sends a flurry of switch back 9s, cab double underflips and a front 10 that'd make his mother weep.

We're hoping to see more of Andreas in the upcoming Shredbots flick!