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Check out Romain's heavy part from Absinthe Films' legendary movie, Pop. Superhuman snowboarding from the Swiss boss, plus a bit of rock star Champagne spraying of dancing girls.

Romain de Marchi's part in Pop is one of the heaviest backcountry freestyle parts ever, no questions asked. From the opening back 5 overshoot at Chad's gap to the visual onslaught that follows, this part hails from a time when Romain de Marchi was at the very top of his game, and snowboarding for that matter. That Chad's Gap session went down in history and so did this part.

Romain snowboards with an intensity that is rivaled by very few, and his powerful hits on every single feature are as memorable as they come.

We hope you enjoy this classic part and stay tuned for another part from the stacked Absinthe archive coming your way next week.

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