Re-watch Nicolas Müller's full part in Absinthe Films' 2005 staple 'Futureproof'.

As one of the most adorned backcountry snowboarders in the world, Nicolas Müller really needs no introduction. Back in 2005, Nico was still sowing the seeds of his greatness and his full part in Absinthe Films' Futureproof is definitely one that helped his growth into the towering oak that he is today.

The part is a clear homage to using the mountain as a big natural playground, with plenty of powder, big hits, creative lines, kicker-less spins and of course, the now much loved Nicolas Müller method. Nico was even doing those chicken wing grabs that have become so on-trend with the cool kids these days - but then again, he is the kind of rider that transcends the notion of doing tricks just because others deem them fashionable.

Don’t sleep on this one though as this part will only be live on our site for 2 weeks. And if you missed it, be sure to go watch Gigi Rüf's amazing part from Twe12ve – last week’s Absinthe Archive.

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