Re-watch a classic Gigi Rüf part from Absinthe Films’ 2011 masterpiece Twe12ve.

Gigi Rüf has put out more incredible snowboard parts than you can count on both hands. His unwavering knack for balancing style perfectly with cat-like precision, flow and straight balls-out tricks, has been inspiring snowboarders all over the world since he first burst onto the scene as a bright-eyed teenager.

His part in Absinthe Films' 2011 offering Twe12ve has everything you could ask for in a Gigi part and more: powder slashes, floaty spins through the trees and a mind-bending redirect ender that only Gigi could pull off.

Don't sleep on this one though as this part will only be live on our site for 2 weeks. And if you missed it, be sure to go watch Travis Rice's era-defining part from Pop - last week's Absinthe Archive.

We hope you enjoy this classic part and be sure to check back next Wednesday for another part from the stacked Absinthe archive.

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