We've said it many times before in the last few weeks, and we'll say it again: the Norwegian rookies are on fire at the moment. Haakon Eilertsen has just dropped his season edit and it features multiple double corks, 1080s, grab switch ups and all-round solid park riding.

Didn't get to film that much, but here's some of my shots from this season.

This kid's got a super clean style that reminds us of Stale Sandbech's or Sven Thorgren's and if he keeps progressing at the same rate, we can totally see Haakon being a force at slopestyle contests over the next few years.

Don't miss the absolutely flawless front 10, followed by back 10 double at the 1.47 mark. If there's one suggestion we'd give to Haakon it'd be to mix up his part with a few more cab and switch backside tricks, of which there weren't many. Nevertheless, Haakon rips!