Our brothers and sisters from Yobeat.com chose a fairly new approach to producing snowboard movies: They asked everyone to send in their best footage. Then they selected the prime cuts and put together Yomerica: The Movie. It features full sections from various crews like Nowamean, Ugly Kidz and Co, Hill City Squad and After Hours, and also stuff from the Slovenian YouGo crew. And from a lot of random people as well. There's a lot of jibbing in there, but if you look closely you will spot the odd pow jump, too.

Some of the stuff might lack a bit of Dan-Brisse-esque gnarliness but overall it is inspirational snowboarding set to good music. Or as Yobeat puts it: "It's about you, me, the pros, the bros, and anyone else who likes to rise a snowboard." Once again, the end of traditional snowboard movie productions has drawn a little nearer.