The Party Snake crew and their homies spent most of last season out filming. And since 2013 was the Year of the snake what better name to call their new movie project. Here’s a look at boarding in Vancouver City and around BC.

Powder lovers should definitely check out Andrew Geeves' part and the sketchy little avalanche at 8:55!

Riders in order of appearance: Joe Lambo, Rahim Dina, Tom Honey, Pat Cambell, Taylor Cox, Rupert Dantes, Jesse Sorenson, Jake Kuzyk, Joe Sexton, Matt Butel, Kevin Griffin, Derek Molinski, Jesse Walker, Layne Treeter, Alex Stathis, Rob Lemay, John Graff, Brendan Keenan, Andrew Geeves, Lucas Ouellette, Nick Heringa, Matt Heneghan, Jeff Keenan, Brendon Hupp, Sean Genovese, Jordan Bell.