The incredibly productive folk over at Olliepop Films, have just fired over their mini-movie from the 2013/2014 season: WHEN IN WHISTLER. Featuring a smattering of the finest local and international talent conquering a variety of different terrain, it's safe to say that this is well worth taking 8 minutes out of your schedule for.

You might recognise some of the shots from Geoff Brown's part a few weeks back, but this time Geoff's joined by Darcy Sharpe, Charles Reid, Charles Beckinsale, Andrew Burns, Trevor Karle, Joel Loverin and Ryan Manning to name just a few.

As you'd expect from a Whistler edit, there's more than a fair share of the backcountry rearing its head, but throw in some hefty urban drops and a sprinkling of park magic and it's a good 'un.

Charles Reid, once again shows the deftness of his skills. A massively under-rated rider in our opinion.