Check out Jake Kuzyk's full vancouver-based skateboard movie, 'Civic Affair'.

Yeah, it's not exactly snowboarding and we totally blew it by not posting this on Go Skateboarding day last month but what can you do.

Still, Civic Affair was produced by professional snowboarder Jake Kuzyk, and also features a full part from Jed Anderson, who, if you didn't already know, destroys on a snowboard.

Skip to the 14 minute mark to watch Jed doing his thing. It's rad to see Jed's skate roots come through in his snowboarding, and based on the fact that he skates regular and snowboards goofy, it's not difficult to see why his switch game is so on point either.

If you're into your skateboarding, the rest of this flick is well worth a watch too, and features a bunch of Canadian skaters tearing up the streets of Vancouver.

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