When I was about to hit play and watch this one, I was like 'Cool, another pow edit from Japan' imagining snow spraying all over the screen with a mellow song in the background. I couldn't be more wrong.. Those guys did the exact opposite!

W.A.R.U. took the Japanese snowboarding scene to a whole new level. Heavy metal, indie guitars, 2Pac hoodies, blood spits and much more weird shit in this jibbing video. These guys are true kamikazes destroying themselves most of the time. But there is still something cool about the way W.A.R.U. approaches snowboarding and their movie is most definitely worth your time.

Riders: Muga Shimosato, Kozo Hasegawa, Kazuhei Nomura, Masa Noaki, Hiroshi Suganuma, Tacchi, Shimpei Shimoda, Aniki, and Friends.