Sessions announces a robust roster of riders for their new team, including pros Jesse Paul, Scotty Vine, and Ryan Paul. And they gave their classic movie, Viva Sessions, an online rebate to celebrate. This film is GOLD.

Scotty Vine is a prolific snowboarder with accomplishments ranging from magazine covers to repeat SnowboarderMag Superpark Standout. Joining him on the team are Jesse Paul and Ryan Paul, both of whom have received acclaim and medals at international contests and ESPN’s X-Games. “I am beyond excited to be a part of Sessions because of what they have done for snowboarding. Sessions is one of the most iconic brands ever!" comments Ryan Paul. Joining Scott, Jesse, and Ryan on the team will be Sessions’ ams Ryland West and Nick Geisen of Lake Tahoe, CA.

Beyond the team’s ability to perform strapped in, all of the new Sessions riders are impeccably creative; they will inspire and perfectly complement the genius of the Sessions’ designers. Scotty Vine says it best, "it's so rad to see Sessions coming back! I'm genuinely stoked to be part of this team of creative, snow-loving humans."

The excitement for the brands’ re-launch is tangible throughout every department. Nick Visconti, Sessions post-pro and current Jr. Brand Manager, suspects that it will be reflected throughout the external market. “Sessions is what the industry has been longing for – authenticity. With the mass snow market constantly ebbing and flowing in trends, I couldn’t be more stoked to co-lead a company and team of snowboarders hell-bent on making snowboarding better."

For more on Sessions’ history, team or current catalog, peruse the website and/or follow @sessionsmfg on Instagram and Facebook.


Viva Sessions is as veteran as it was influential. Sessions' first film, exclusively sponsored by Snowboarder Magazine, has riding from the likes of Jamie Lynn, Mike Ranquet, Lukas Huffman, Travis Parker, Tara Dakides, and more. This film is vaulted in snowboarding's history and will remain timeless as Sessions and the industry at large continues to innovate snowboarding's future.

Enjoy the ride of Viva Sessions!