'Throw it down' is a brand new movie from the 17 - year old kid from Iceland, Vidar Stefansson. After the first movie called 'The Movie - Movie', Triple Six Crew stepped it up and their new movie is off the hook!

You are gonna see a lot of sick tricks and a shitload of heavy bails so if you are one of those who produce a mean grin when they see someone eat shit, you gonna love it! The Triple Six Crew includes brothers Einar and Vidar Stefansson (both from Akureyri of course), then the Swedish brothers Abbe and Theo Hjellström and their buddies Erik Fenger-Krog and Måns Hedberg (you might rememeber Måns' insane season edit). They all live in Malung/Sweden and study at the Malung-Sälen snowboard school - that's pretty much the teenage snowboard dream. These guys might be big someday so keep an eye out for them!

Check out the teaser and interview with Vidar here!