Check out the brand new mini-movie from the Icelandic Triple Six Crew (plus a few Swedish riders). Fast and raw snowboarding at its finest!

The Triple Six Crew put together this movie from shots they logged in the 2013/2014 season and although they were hoping to get a bit more on camera, sometimes it's better to trim the fat and present the 5 best minutes you have, rather than padding your movie out with filler.

Thankfully, this is 5 minutes of gold, with plenty of raw, unadulterated snowboarding from the streets of Iceland and the parks of Sweden. Look out for some familiar Icelandic street spots, one big-ass naked backflip and plenty of solid rail tricks.

It's always rad to see movie projects coming out of all corners of Europe, and although the standard has been set pretty high when it comes to Iceland (hats off to the Helgasons), it's easy to see that the Triple Six Crew have got a great thing going on here. Nice work fellas!

Featuring: Jóhann Sigurðsson, Beggi Friðbjörnsson, Einar Stefánsson, Theo Hjellström, Abbe Hjellström, Gísli Gylfason and more.

Edit: Vidar Stefansson