A full hour of bangers from your favourite Minnesotan spooky house dwellers and their broad band of homies...

This crew all seem to rip, and have been stoking us out with their Monday Minute edits for a long while. Now they've dropped a new full movie featuring 'pretty much everyone', and we'd certainly recommend giving it an hour of your time if you like heavy urban shredding...

No sponsors, no money, no predetermined riders list, no contractually obligated instagram posts. This movie was made because a group of friends wanted to make something that even attempted to capture the humble, and unique of it's kind, Minnesota snowboard scene.

This movie is dedicated to full time jobs, to rope tows, to East St. Paul, to Plymouth, to scraping snow at every spot, to -50 days when the winch still runs, to spot pizzas, to Duluth, to Trollhaugen, to Skudda mansion, to Eddington's bottomless soup bowl. To Chad Otterstrom, to Micah Mcginnity, to Mike Casanova. (Hudson counts as Minnesota.) to all the loyal ghouls.

Directed/ Edited by:

Riley Erickson

Filmed by:

Derek Combs

Dan Tyler

Riley Erickson


Pretty much everyone

See if you can peep the color correcting error I'm leaving in as an Easter egg.

This movie is especially dedicated to Dan Nicholas, and John Hodge.