Hot on the heels of their first release 'We Out There', the TFA crew are back with their latest offering to the snow gods in the form of 'We Trippy'. Ch-Ch-Check it yo!

Ethan Morgan, Flo Corzelius, Simon Pircher and Mario Kaepelli set the bar pretty high with their first movie, that did a superb job of combining hectic slams, funny shit and some solid snowboarding.

'We Trippy' is a continuation of that trend, and sees the homies go far beyond their usual horizons, explore new terrain and get trippy across the globe. Don't miss Flo Corzelius' opener, a mayhem part from Ethan, solid pow shred from Mario and a solid ender part from Simon Pircher.

Featuring cameos from: Tiffany "TiffTiff" CrayCray, J-Dawwwg and Golden Boy (go figure!)