TFA serve up their latest dish Medium Raw. With two different filmers and editors working on this project, there’s something for everyone in this high-octane bangfest. Julian Pintarelli sliced up everything in the pow, and Daniel Diedrich cooked up street spots.

Here’s what the boys had to say:

Everybody likes their meat in a different way. Same can be said about snowboard movies – TFA prefer theirs to be MEDIUM RAW. This means, it contains a little bit of everything that is snowboarding to them. Street or pow, nasty dubs or steezy BS 180’s, romantic or rap music, mega-mo helishots or dirty street-follow cams, steak or bratwurst. All that is experienced best when it's MEDIUM RAW.

Yes, two different filmers and editors edited this thing separately. Nobody even knows why we did it like that, but we did. So, get yourself prepared for a collision of two worlds.


Mario Wanger

Simon Pircher

Dominik Wagner

Mario Kaeppeli

Tom Klocker

Ethan Morgan

Flo Corzelius

Additional filming by Balint Hambalko, Sexual Snowboarding, Sane gang and the forgotten ones.

Movie concept by Flo Corzelius and Daniel Diedrich.