Take a 10 year trip back to a time when Shaun White filmed video parts, wore baggy clothes and even hit street rails, in the 2004 documentary, 'The White Album'.

Whatever your opinion is of Shaun White, there is little argument as to the profound impact and legacy that he has had on snowboarding over the span of his career. With 2 Olympic gold medals, more X Games medals than you can count on two hands and one of the most relentlessly competitive attitudes in action sports, there is no question that Shaun has truly left his mark on snowboarding.

'The White Album' was released back in 2004 and contained a solid mix of documentary style interviews with Shaun and others, plus plenty of skate and snowboard action of Shaun - from when he was a little kid, right through to the present day.

The intro sequence, featuring Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek ripping the piss out of Shaun for being a snowboarder was pretty damn memorable in his own right, perhaps more so than the actual movie itself. Nevertheless, there is some great snowboarding here from Shaun, from a time when he wore much baggier clothes, was equally impressive on jumps as he was in the pipe, and actually hit rails with decent style (ok, minus some really bad zeaches).

The New Zealand section is a definite highlight (you can watch it above), with Shaun stepping up to some big step-down rail features and sending it on kickers with pretty damn good style. It's refreshing to remember how Shaun used to ride, compared to the ridiculously wide stance and extra skinny pant hucking that he became so well known for in his later years.