The wait is over and you can finally check out the second part of Scandalnavians. Take a look at some of the finest snowboarders in Scandinavia. For over a year the crew has been working on this two part project and all the hard work most definitely paid off!

The second part is featuring Nils Arvidsson, Joakim Rasmussen, Tove Holmgren, Caroline Degardh, Zebbe Landmark, Len Jørgensen and Erik Karlsson. The crew hit the streets and the backcountry. Every single trick in this video is a banger! The girls are slaying street rails and Landmark and Jorgensen have outstanding parts showing their versatility. Don't sleep on this one!

We are convinced that this project is going to push the Scandinavian snowboard scene, as well as the international in the right direction. If this turns out to be true, you might have an instant classic in your hands.’ – The Scandalnavians

Watch the first part of Scandalnavians here!

Scandalnavians riders: Nisse Arvidsson, Erik Karlsson, Zebbe Landmark, Len Roald Jørgensen, Caroline Degardh, Joakim Rasmussen, Viktor Wiberg, Philip Grund, Anton Bilare, Kevin Bäckström, Ludde Lejkner, Erik Botner, Tove Holmgren, Klas Beyer and Sven Thorgren.

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